Why Public Relations?

samford.jpgIf you are struggling to choose a major or you are unsure about whether the major you are in is right for you, you are not alone. I was a biomedical sciences major (pre-med) in the College of Science and Math for a year and a half before deciding to change my major to public relations and pick up minors in business and Spanish. Here is the reasoning behind my decision and some reasons you might consider choosing public relations as well.

I’m all about flexibility; I’m not afraid of commitment, but in most areas of life, I’m not big on planning or being locked into one trajectory. When I was going through ultra-specific science classes in pursuit of a major that is almost always followed by years more of professional school, it left me questioning if I had chosen the right major. Furthermore, I am a musician, and doors were starting to open up for me in the music world, so I wanted an undergraduate degree with more career choices straight out of undergrad. After talking it over with my honors college adviser and doing some research of my own, I decided to change into the College of Liberal Arts and major in public relations.

Public relations is a healthy mixture of business and creativity, and that is one of the aspects that attracted me to the major. As a public relations student, you are exposed to and learn about a variety of useful subjects such as writing, journalism, advertising, marketing and management. As you might imagine, this mix was appealing to me because it offers the chance to learn skills in areas that can be useful and open up doors in many fields in the postgraduate workforce. Furthermore, I believe the unique mixed coursework that majoring in public relations requires will make you a more well rounded human being.

Moving on to the subject of postgraduate life, choosing public relations offers a plethora of internship and career options. Whether you want to work at a PR firm, a record label or in a corporation, public relations can get you there. Furthermore, public relations jobs often lead to opportunities and advancement in areas not specifically dealing with public relations.

With public relations, you can be conPR-office.jpgfident in your chances of being employed; the need that businesses have to relate to their publics will never disappear, and it actually seems to be growing stronger in this digital age where the world is more connected than ever. In fact, the number of public relations jobs available is expected to increase by 6 percent in the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Do not be afraid of choosing public relations simply because of the negative connotation you might think lurks behind a liberal arts degree. If all of this sounds appealing to you, public relations might be the major and career field for you.


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