My Spring Break as Told by a PR Plan

Spring break is almost here, and everyone is making their plans to have their most successful spring break yet. Just like in public relations, planning is important if you want to have a “successful” week off school (however you might define that). With the importance of planning goals, objectives and strategies in mind, I set out to make a PR plan in order to best capitalize on the opportunity spring break presents.


Opportunity Statement

With graduation quickly approaching, my time of freedom as a college student is coming to a close, and my last spring break gives me the opportunity to use a week off of school to make the most of my dwindling time as an unemployed, (comparatively) worry-free student.


  • To experience the most fun and fulfilling week possible with the people I love




To spend six days with my girlfriend and friends in California

Strategies to achieve this objective

Ace-Hotel-Palm-Springs.jpgFly to Los Angeles on Thursday, March 10 to meet up with my girlfriend and some friends.

Drive to Palm Springs to spend a day and a half hiking and relaxing by the pool at the Ace Hotel. (They serve Stumptown coffee AT THE HOTEL!)

Drive back to Los Angeles to spend the remaining four days in Los Angeles eating, hiking and exploring with my friends.

To spend four days with my family in Georgia

Strategies to achieve this objective

IMG_7475Fly back from Los Angeles to Atlanta on Wednesday, March 16 to meet up with my family.

Drive north from Atlanta to the Appalachian Trail on Thursday, March 17 to hit the trail.

Spend three days backpacking the Appalachian Trail with my mom, dad and brother.

To increase my awareness of at least three cities from March 10 to March 20

Strategies to achieve this objective

Explore the town and visit at least two coffee shops in Palm Springs.

Attend Zoe Church in Los Angeles and hike the Hollywood sign for the first time.

Go to a restaurant or coffee shop I’ve never been to in Atlanta. (Coffee problem?! What do you mean I have a coffee problem?!)


How will I measure the success of my plan, you ask? Easy. I will measure the success of my spring break plan by the quality and quantity of memories made with the people I love. I can’t see the future, but I’m pretty I saved my best spring break for last.

Here’s an infographic I created to illustrate all the adventure

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